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About Us

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  Our Origins

Built over 15 years ago, Villa Kasu is a family home that has aged beautifully over the years. 
A sense of heartwarming nostalgia beckons as one walks through the Kerala inspired verandahs adorned with antique furniture, handpicked from various parts of the country by the homeowners. 
At the time of construction, various heritage homes in the Chettinad area of Tamil Nadu were acquired and antique pieces such as the pillars were salvaged and installed in the Bungalow. 
After creating countless memories in the home, Villa Kasu is still the family’s absolute treasure which they have now decided to share with the world. 

Yemalur Estate Interiors-16.jpg

What Makes Villa Kasu Unique

Yemalur Estate Exteriors _ GB Room-3.jpg
Yemalur Estate Interiors-3.jpg
  • Unique Architecture and Setting.

  • Well-maintained greenery.

  • Option of Outdoor and Indoor spaces.

  • Accessible prime location within city limits.

  • Combined capacity to host 2000+ guests.

  • Experienced and Award-winning F&B partner.

  • Ample parking space available within the property.

  • Close proximity to star hotels for extra rooms.


Operating and F&B Partners : Billionsmiles

  • Villa Kasu has exclusively partnered with award-winning operating and F&B partner Billionsmiles Hospitality.

  • Billionsmiles is a national F&B company with experience in operating successful restaurant brands such as Southindies, Bonsouth and Upsouth.

  • Billionsmiles also operates a large catering business, serving corporates, weddings and other social events from a 20,000 sq.ft kitchen within 1km of Villa Kasu.

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